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New Horizons Raleigh-Durham Course Schedule

About New Horizons Raleigh-Durham

New Horizons Raleigh-Durham has been serving businesses and individuals in the Raleigh-Durham community for many years.

With a convenient location in Raleigh-Durham, we offer a wide range of technical, application and business skills courses.

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New Horizons Rocky Mt, NC

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What Makes New Horizons Raleigh-Durham Unique?

As part of the largest independent IT Training Provider, New Horizons Computer Learning Center delivers more courses than any other IT training company.

Innovative and Flexible Learning Methods

New Horizons Raleigh-Durham understands that not everyone is the same, and we have developed a variety of innovative learning methods:

Courses that Fit Your Unique Training Needs

New Horizons Raleigh-Durham training ranges from basic desktop productivity tools such as Microsoft Office and Adobe applications to complex server systems from top vendors such as Microsoft, Cisco and Citrix).

New Horizons Raleigh-Durham Solutions

New Horizons will work with you to create solutions that fit individuals, businesses and governments.